Sun House

by Black James Franco

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released March 7, 2014

Instruments recorded live at Echo Lab Studios in Denton, TX on November 9th 2013
Produced by Black James Franco
Engineered and mastered by Justin Collins
Mixed by Eddie Terrell

Album art by Ellie Alonzo & Eddie Terrell
Album design by Analise Minjarez



all rights reserved


Black James Franco Denton, Texas

Black James Franco is an indie/soul/rock trio that lives in Denton TX.

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Track Name: Naked by Choice
you broke my heart and i don't know your name
i feel so dumb
i can't believe we drank that bottle of wine
i was so drunk

it all was over before i could tell
you broke my heart
that might be the last time i take that bow
i got no start
Track Name: 1 in 10,000
love is a coated stare
two sides of a closed eyelid
what were you thinking of?
is it really happening?

into your velvet gaze
this is ineffable
baby replace my mind
you're so incredible

i can hardly breathe
if you will reply
we are the last to go
drowning in paradise

you are my one in ten thousand

all your dreams are far away
but when you get home i'll explain
i need you more than i can say
this a new light, this is a new day
Track Name: Dollar Store Hoe
woke up this morning with an itch in my throat
it was a cold day, so i put on my new coat
i walked outside, looking round for trouble
there was nothing to see baby but heights street rubble

so i hopped in the car with some tobacco in my lungs
shouting to everyone, "look out here i come"
under the seat i've got like five or six guns
that i stole from a hobo who was eating bread crumbs

cruising along i see this stupid dumb bitch
god i hate this girl, she's rich as shit
she thinks she's so amazing like she's made of pure gold
when the truth is she is just a dollar store hoe

well when opportunity comes a knockin' i don't ignore it, no
i get to the top and the bottom and suddenly i'm banging this hoe
so what does it make sense, fucking someone that you hate?
well shit i don't know ask me later i feel great
Track Name: Black Roach
there is no reason
give it up, i see you lie
won't you admit you're wounded?
opportunity to move or die

i swear

come on, keep dancing
take another sip, lean to the side
i've got so much, baby
you will never make it out alive

i swear

run for cover
fast as the day
change your color
yet you remain
can't you see there is no answer?
you won't find what you are after

where's your reason?
down in the cold
can't you see them?
breaking the fold
will you rectify my old dream?
let go of what you are holding
Track Name: Cinquemani
when you try to look there
suffer in disguise
she could not be chosen
look into my eye

every day i save her
no need for the gun
you said i was broken
you said i was done

when you try to haunt me
time will not be sure
so much i remember
you are just a blur

for our lives i burn up
move on out the way
you take my confession
now secede your name
Track Name: Holocaust of Symmetry
it's not love
all that you are
won't ever be enough now
cause i don't even want to chase you

that is right
things here have changed
i'm a man with a big dream
reaching into outer space

it's so clear
you don't even know me
i can tell we are not one
cause i don't even need to hate you

time to evolve
grow out from under you
find me a better girl
Track Name: Kozminski
let's start over
no one's watching
flood that valley
strip that coffin

oh, let me live
till i resist

blood is rising
can we take it?
run forever
lost and naked

oh, let me live
till i resist

from my boundary
ask redemption
face up to it
truth forsaken

run to nowhere
time is wastin'
lust for power
no replacement

what's the matter?
hate what you did?
faith unravel
cash incentive